WCMT 2023



About the Theme

Music Therapists: Reflecting, Connecting and Innovating in the Global Community

The congress theme represents how music therapists move through the world at all levels. This includes the personal introspection we do, how music impacts us individually, how we interact with others as individuals, the interactions between therapists and the people we are serving, and our colleagues in music therapy and in other professions. It also includes the professional associations we belong to, the governance bodies that may oversee our work as well as the interaction between various countries and cultures and music therapy associations worldwide.

The WCMT2023 Planning Committee, WFMT Council, and CAMT Board of Directors have been reflecting on what we all have in common right now, the shared goals we are aware of, and what questions we might ask to connect music therapists across the globe. We see the world congress as an opportunity to collaborate and innovate in new ways, think deeply about our profession, and engage in critical conversations. We can reflect on what is most important to us individually as music therapists and collectively as a profession. We can speak to each other candidly and listen wholeheartedly because we understand what each other is saying; we are part of the same network. We can support and celebrate each other, learning from each other to develop new ideas and find new inspiration to carry forward.

We invite you to consider the following topics and questions as you prepare for WCMT2023:

– COVID-19 – how has the pandemic changed our work and how will it impact the profession post-pandemic?
– Music Therapy Worldwide – how can we move our profession forward in a meaningful way?
– Systemic change – how can we ensure the systems that govern us are equitable, inclusive, and respectful? – what outdated traditions or standards of practice need to be revamped and reinvigorated? – how can we allow more voices to be heard and more individuals to be welcomed in?
– Technology and platforms – How can we utilize new technologies to support innovation within our own profession

As you prepare to submit a proposal for WCMT2023 ask yourself:

– What inspires me?
– What gaps need to be filled?
– How can I contribute to the wider understanding of how music therapists are reflecting, connecting and innovating? (ie. research findings, clinical expertise, lived experience, philosophical ideas, etc.).

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