WCMT 2023



Spotlight Sessions

Spotlight Session 1: The Future of Research in Music Therapy: Topics & Methodologies

Wednesday, July 26, 2023, 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Dr. SarahRose Black, Dr Monika Geretsegger, Dr. Mark Ettenberger, Professor Felicity Baker, Dr. Rika Ikuno-Yamamoto

Monika Geretsegger

Mark Ettenberger

Felicity Baker

Rika Ikuno

SarahRose Black

Felicity Baker

Join Drs. Monika Geretsegger (Austria), Mark Ettenberger (Colombia), Felicity Baker (Australia), and Rika Ikuno (Japan) as they dive into contemporary issues and ideas, and share insights related to music therapy research across the globe. This dynamic group of speakers will bring rich perspectives on a variety of topics as each speaker has contributed enormously to the scope of music therapy research in their roles as clinicians, principal investigators, program developers and coordinators, educators, and academic journal editors. Moderated by Dr. SarahRose Black (Canada), this dynamic group with research experience that spans clinical populations and methodologies will share their current work, their insights and their hopes for the future of music therapy research around the world.

Spotlight Session 2: Telehealth in Music Therapy

Thursday, July 27, 2023, 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Ms. Natalie Jack, Prof. Katrien Foubert, Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes, Ms. Sarah Folsom, Dr. Allison Fuller

Katrien Foubert

Amy Clements-Cortes

Allison Fuller

Sarah Folsom

Natalie Jack

It will come as no surprise to WCMT delegates that this Spotlight Session on Telehealth In Music Therapy has been included in the program because of the intense focus the COVID-19 pandemic has put on infection control and safe health care practices since early 2020. In this session you will hear from five experienced clinicians and researchers about several areas of emerging telehealth music therapy practice from around the world. Included will be stories of the hurried transition and adaptation to telehealth practice in various clinical settings, including for patients of a cancer treatment centre in the USA, details of technological advances made over the last three years that are used to deliver both synchronous and asynchronous music therapy via telehealth in Australia, research out of Canada with participants from 29 countries that strives to understand the benefits, challenges, experiences and perceptions of telehealth music therapy so it can be used to help clients into the future, and how, during a time of great stress and transition, telehealth supervision and online professional development helped support music therapists across the world. Included in this session will be case examples, vignettes, video excerpts, data, reflections, descriptions, research ideas and future thinking, from a respected group of international music therapists who look forward to sharing their work and connecting with you throughout this Spotlight Session.

Spotlight Session 3: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Music Therapy

Friday, July 28, 2023, 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Dr Cynthia Bruce, Dr. Carolyn Shaw, Dr. Sue Baines, Dr. Indra Selvarajah, Assoc. Prof. Noemi Ansay

Noemi Ansay

Carolyn Shaw

Sue Baines

Indra Selvarajah

Cynthia Bruce

For minoritized and allied music therapists around the world, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in music therapy is more than an up-and-coming topic to be highlighted and explored. as we consider how to foster just futures within oppressive global systems that continually perpetrate normative colonial violence in the name of individual and institutional health and well-being, It is nothing less than a political imperative. In this spotlight panel discussion, we come together as leaders, innovators, and committed activists to generate meaningful discussion about how music therapists can support necessary systemic transformation that will move our profession and our communities away from deficit-oriented and pathologizing responses to human difference. We will share, from our social, political, and geographic locations, how we are already doing this important work; and we will call others to engage in the kind of disruptive action that will foster belonging within the profession, institutions, and communities.

Spotlight Session 4: The Future of Music and Music Therapy in Healthcare

Saturday, July 29, 2023, 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Mr. Charles-Antoine Thibeault, Asst. Prof. Rihab Jebali, Mrs Jennifer Buchanan, Ms. Kezia Putri

Rihab Jebali

Jennifer Buchanan

Kezia Putri

Charles-Antoine Thibeault

Kimberley Wade

In the past few years, the nature of healthcare around the world has changed. Tele-health has moved healthcare beyond facility walls and reached individuals homes. Health is getting more and more inclusive of mental health. A desire to find collectivity after the last years of isolation is ever so present. Panelists Jennifer Buchanan, Ryhab Jebali, Karen de Rock and Kezia Putri will discuss how tele-health, mental health and collective health impact music therapy practices in healthcare settings.