WCMT 2023



Call for Submissions is Closed

Open from March 1 – May 31, 2022

Theme Music Therapists: Reflecting, Connecting and Innovating in a Global Community Lean More about the theme here. Location Vancouver, Canada Date & Time Start: July 24, 2023 End: July 29, 2023

Share Your Knowledge, Expertise, and Experiences with an International Audience!

On behalf of the WCMT2023, the International Scientific Committee invites you to submit a maximum of 1 Individual/Partner (1-2 people) proposal and 1 team proposal (as primary presenter) by May 31, 2022. While there is a limit on how many proposals someone can submit, you can be a co-presenter in multiple sessions and submit as many e-posters as you want. All abstracts submitted by the deadline will be reviewed anonymously by multiple scientific committee members. Quality of the empirical work and theoretical foundation, implications for music therapy practice, originality, clarity and organization of proposal, and relevance to the congress theme will guide the review process. 

  • Select your Presentation Type

Choose from the following categories: Paper (30 minutes), ePoster (online display), Workshop (90 minutes), Roundtable (60 minutes), World Cafe (60 minutes), Fireside Chat (30 minutes), Pecha Kucha (7 minutes). Review the descriptions below and find the best match for your intended presentation.

  • Prepare you Proposal

Provide your contact information and short bio (maximum of 50 words). If applicable, include names, credentials, and short bios for each co-presenter as well. Compose a compelling title (maximum of 12 words) and abstract (maximum 50 words). Write a comprehensive description (maximum of 250 words). Find matching keywords (maximum of 5). All proposals need to be submitted and presented at the Congress in English or French.

  • Submit Your Proposal

Click on the "Submit Proposal" button, fill out the online contact and proposal form, and submit it by latest May 31, 2022. You will receive a confirmation email of your submission.

  • Get Notified by October 3, 2022

You will be notified about the acceptance or rejection of your proposal by October 31, 2022. If your proposal is accepted, you will need to confirm your congress attendance and register by November 15, 2022.

Read through the descriptions of the available presentation types and choose what fits best the content of your proposal. Please note, the International Scientific Committee might suggest a different presentation type than you initially submitted to create a balanced World Congress Program.

Paper (30 minutes)
Features 1 or 2 speakers, who give an approximately 25 minute talk about their topic and respond to live questions of attendees for 5 minutes.

ePoster (online display)
Features a multi-media display of a research project on the digital congress platform and is accessible for attendees at all times. Individuals can submit as many ePoster applications as they would like. Students submitting ePoster applications can choose to be entered in the Student Poster Competition.

Workshop (90 minutes)
Features 1 or more presenters, who give brief background information on their topic, then demonstrate and facilitate various activities with attendees to practice their skill. 

Roundtable (60 minutes)
Features an average of 4-5 presenters who share their perspectives on a specific topic, each approximately 10 minutes allowing ample time for discussion and live questions from attendees.

World Cafe (60 minutes)
Features 1 or more presenters who prepare a set of 4-5 questions related to a professional issue and facilitate large group discussions by inviting groups of 6-8 to sit around multiple tables to exchange ideas. At the end of 10 minutes, each attendee moves to an alternative table to present findings as a basis for the next question. Once all rounds are completed, individuals or tables are invited to share key points and findings with the group as a whole.

Fireside Chat (30 minutes)
Features a moderator who interviews a popular speaker about a specific topic and allows attendees to ask a few questions as well. 

Pecha Kucha (7 minutes)
Features various speakers who illustrate and synchronize their presentation with 20 images, each running automatically for 20 seconds – hence 7 minutes per presenter.

In partnership with WFMT, CAMT is thrilled to be offering the first in-person World Congress of Music Therapy since the pandemic began. We eagerly anticipate welcoming colleagues and sharing knowledge face-to-face in Vancouver. 

The in-person experience will include spotlight sessions featuring the top experts in their field, concurrent sessions from our colleagues from around the world, social gatherings, cultural tours, and business meetings plus access to a remote content package including e-posters, recordings of the spotlight sessions, and pre-recorded presentations of many of the in-person concurrent sessions as well as pre-recorded presentations from individuals who will not be attending in-person. 

The remote content package is also available at a reduced cost should you not be able to attend the 2023 Congress in-person. We hope these options will ensure high-quality delivery of the incredible content for those in-person and for those who are not able to attend.

While it is expected that presenters will be in-person for the congress, the Planning Committee will grant exceptions to allow for remote presentations via pre-recorded video based on circumstances. The process to request an exception will be shared when individuals are notified of the acceptance of their proposals in the Fall of 2022. 

We welcome everyone to submit their proposals to the Call for Submissions by May 31st whether you anticipate presenting in-person or requesting an exception to present with a pre-recorded video.

Questions in the Call for Submissions

  1. Share an email address and create a password
  2. Share your title, first name, last name, the name of your work place, email address, alternate email address, phone number with country code, Instagram handle and county
  3. Upload a high-resolution headshot of yourself in png or jpg format (min 800 px)
  4. Include a short biography (50 word maximum)
  5. Share the Title of your presentation (maximum 12 words)
  6. Indicate your presentation type from the following list: Paper (30 minutes), ePoster (online display), Workshop (90 minutes), Roundtable (60 minutes), World Cafe (60 minutes), Fireside Chat (30 minutes), Pecha Kucha (7 minutes)
  7. Indicate if this is an individual or team proposal
  8. Select up to 3 keywords from the list provided
  9. Enter your affiliations (workplace) and city/suburb/town, state/province, country
  10. If it is a team proposal add the name, credentials and short bios (50 words) for each of your co-presenters
  11. Share your abstract (maximum 50 words)
  12. Share your description (maximum 250 words)
  13. Indicate the musical instruments you would like to use during your presentation (if available)

*Small edits may be made to the submitted abstract to correct spelling and grammatical errors for inclusion in the WCMT program.

Plan Ahead

Powerful Proposal
Include an introduction (background or problem statement), a description of the context, objectives, the targeted population (where relevant), highlights (innovation, outcomes, impact), conclusions (key findings, discussion, or lessons learned), and how the content is presented (audience engagement, multimedia).
Pro Tip: Have some proofread your  proposals before submission. We will copy-edit your abstract if accepted.

Engaging Presentation
Plan your story, add infographic slides, short videos, props, instruments, ask questions or poll the audience, use humor, make use of your voice range, and don't forget to practice your stage presence and delivery in English or French. If not sure, watch your favorite TEDx Talk.
Pro-Tip: Check the AV equipment at the congress venue shortly before your presentation.

Congress Proceedings
If your proposal is accepted, you will receive an invitation to contribute to the 2023 World Congress Proceedings published by WFMT's peer-reviewed journal Music Therapy Today. A 2-page proceedings template along with instructions from the Editor will be hyperlinked to your acceptance letter. The deadline for submission will be January 15, 2023.
Pro-Tip: Review previous WCMT congress proceedings at https://wfmt.info/music-therapy-today

Scientific Committee Chair

Dr Petra Kern

Dr. Petra Kern

We are pleased to share with you our scientific committee which includes 26 members from 17 countries across all 8 regions of the world.

  • Amy Clements-Cortes, Ph.D, RP, MTA, MT-BC
  • Annabelle Brault, MA, MTA, MT-BC
  • Baishali Mukherjee, PhD
  • Bhuvaneswari Ramesh, MSC.MMT; PGDMT; MBA(HR)
  • Charles-Antoine Thibeault, MA, MTA
  • Claudia Zanini, PhD, MT
  • Debbie Carroll, PhD, MTA
  • Dr Giorgos Tsiris, PhD
  • Elizabeth Mitchell, PhD, RP, MTA
  • Eri Haneishi, PhD, MT-BC
  • Grace Thompson, PhD, RMT
  • Hyejin So, PhD, MT-BC
  • Jebali Rihab, PhD
  • Jen Glover, MMT, NZRMTh
  • Karyn Stuart-Röhm, MMT
  • Kate Farquharson, BMus MMus
  • Kerry Devlin, MMT, LPMT, MT-BC
  • Kevin Kirkland, PhD, MTA
  • Kezia Putri, MMT, MTA, MT-BC
  • Krzysztof Stachyra, PhD, MT-C
  • Lee-Anne Dowsett, MTA, CCC
  • Melanie Voigt, PhD
  • Méliane Laurier-Cromp MA, MTA
  • Melissa Mercadal-Brotons, PhD, MT-BC
  • Nai-Wen Chang, PhD, TRMT
  • Soyoung Moon, PhD, NMT

Have Questions?

If you have any queries about submissions, please contact wcmt2023-program@icsevents.com