WCMT 2023



About Venue

Vancouver Convention Centre – East Building

Fun Fact: The building is heated with two 1200 heat pumps which transfer heat from the Ocean into the heating loop of the building. The heated water is then pumped in to the building were the heat is transferred to the air with various pieces of equipment.

Ocean water is pumped to the Central Plant by 4 2500Gpm 4 stage vertical turbine pumps. The water is supplied to the pumps by 2 140foot long seawater intakes that are 75 feet under the surface of the Ocean at high tide.

The sewage is treated on site and water is recovered from the black and grey water. The water is reused for flushing toilets and irrigation. In the summer we lose all water that is used for irrigation so we use a reverse osmosis system to convert Ocean water into fresh water which supplements our irrigation requirements.

Vancouver Convention Centre – East Building

Address: 999 Canada Place Way, Vancouver BC, Canada V6C 3C1

How to Get There

Equidistant from Europe and Asia, bordering the United States, Vancouver is home to the award-winning Vancouver International Airport (YVR), the second largest airport on North America’s west coast. Travelling downtown to the Vancouver Convention Centre is as easy as taking a taxi, limo or the Canada Line rapid transit system, and takes less than 30 minutes.

The Vancouver Convention Centre offers secure parking through independent operators within both buildings, They operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week on a first come, first serve basis.